About us

The Malleier Nursery’s high-achieving team

Walter and Michael Malleier are the very core of the company. They grew up at Plateid, a fruit farm in Voellan. Both attended the Laimburg in Vadena, a specialist college for fruit growing, viticulture and horticulture. Through internships and training at home and abroad (Germany & the Netherlands) they were able to acquire a high level of knowledge in tree and fruit growing.

The Malleier brothers now have over 30 years of practical experience as independent growers. The nursery in Milzano is run in conjunction with many qualified technicians and around 40 growing staff. It is worth noting that the production facility has its own cold storage cells on site and is equipped with good machinery in mint condition.

... over 30 years of practical experience as independent growers

Dreams come true


Walter Malleier worked as a trainee at the Schrama Nursery in the Netherlands. In the same year brothers Walter and Michael Malleier obtained a nursery license with the aim of building up a successful nursery.


Commencement of planting of young trees in the village of Tisens. They were among the first nurserymen to begin producing “knip” trees. This method of production has been continued to the present day. An excellent decision, as the knip tree stands apart from other plants, requiring less work for the grower and cropping quickly.


Relocation to the Poebene (Pianura Padana) area.


Establishment of the company’s own premises with cold storage cells in Milzano (BS).


Construction of a cold warehouse in Voellan, South Tyrol.


30 years

Looking back we are proud to say that we have achieved a lot in 3 decades. Dreams really do come true! Today we have a successful business.

Flair, specialist knowledge, constantly remaining open to innovation, careful planning, determination, hard work, specialist advice and good organisation in production and management are our guiding principles for ensuring that every year we produce consistently high quality fruit.

Ultimately we owe our success to our high levels of customer satisfaction, which is why our primary aim continues to be to satisfy your needs – after all, we are only successful if you are!

Quality success

Our quality success bears fruit in your orchard

Top quality, well branched, 2-year old knip trees pruned to a height of at least 80 cm above the ground have been  the constant accompaniment to the three decades of growing experience that we have now acquired in our nursery.


The culmination of our many years of experience is the Select Knip Tree with at least 8 fully mature, horizontal side shoots

KNIP-7 +

with at least 7 fully mature, horizontal side shoots

KNIP-5 +

with at least 5 fully mature, horizontal side shoots

Furthermore we produce top quality, well branched, 1-year old trees pruned to a height of at least 65 cm above the ground.

1 year 8 +

with at least 8 fully mature side shoots

1 year 7 +

with at least 7 fully mature side shoots

1 year 5 +

with at least 5 fully mature side shoots


Thanks to the excellent condition of our fruit trees, which are lifted at the right time and expertly stored in our own modern cold storage cells until delivery, you will be able to harvest a crop as early as the second year after planting out.


Two seals of quality that pay dividends for your sales

Our first class products are all certified to national standards. This guarantees the varietal purity and quality of plants and their origin from selected and virus-free cutting nurseries and rootstock beds.

In addition you can also recognise our trees from our own label – another marker of safety indicating healthy and blemish-free young trees with high and early yields.

Keep our seal of quality in mind when you make your choice: an investment that pays dividends.


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